Balanced Scorecard

The Overview of Balanced Scorecard

Guided by Clarity of needs, we modified and simplified the BSC model to emphasize the Process rather than format.

Moving towards high performance work culture

  • Clear Goals
  • Clear measurement
  • Reward them accordingly

Without metrics, management can be a nebulous if not impossible exercise. How can we tell if we have met our goals if don’t know what our goals are? How do we know if our business strategies are effective if they have not been well defined? The balanced scorecard as documented by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in the Harvard Business Review article. The Balance Scorecard-Measures that Drive Performance describes a methodology used for measuring success and setting goals from financial and operational viewpoints.  With those measures, leaders can manage their strategic vision and adjust it for change.

The Balanced Scorecard links performance measures by looking at a business’s strategic vision from four different perspectives: Result, Customer, Process and People.

Balanced Scorecard Training

Balanced Scorecard Services

We help organization to focus on four important elements of Balanced Scorecard Financial, Customer Process, people 

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It was stated that the ability to execute is more important than a beautiful strategy. Why do organizations have difficulty in implementation? One problem is that strategies or business plans (or other fancy terms) are always changing, but the tools for measuring have not kept pace. Measurement is directional: it keeps management motivated on the strengths, focused on the weaknesses, and action conscious to overcome problems.


  • Learn or review scorecard fundamentals
  • Build on an existing scorecard initiative
  • Translate strategy into operational terms
  • Design a strategy map and scorecard

Topics Covered

  • What is the Balanced Scorecard ?
  • Cascading the Balanced Scorecard – How to do it
  • Why should organization have a scorecard?
  • Benchmark Data
  • Analyzing the Current State of an Organization
  • How to Develop the Balanced Scorecard
  • Creating Measurement Maps for Identified Goals
  • Case Studies – Those who have Implemented a Scorecard and their Key Leanings

Target Audience

  • BSC team
  • Supervisory level staff and above
  • Senior management.

Number of Participants

Maximum 25 persons


Lecture, case studies, group discussions and presentations

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