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Entrepreneurship Excellence

This programmes provide the entrepreneurs with the skills, and the tools to face business challenges with confidence to achieve their business goals. You
will have the opportunity to think through the competitive challenge you face and to work through the models and ideas on the course and to develop a
change plan. There is a specific set of skills that successful entrepreneurs have. They take an idea and build it into a profitable reality, yet most entrepreneurs never learn these critical skills and continue to struggle towards their dreams. We will share the keys you need to know to create a beautiful Path to be successful and live the life you’ve always dreamed. Various programs available to upgrade entrepreneur’s skills. Among them are:

  • Designing Entrepreneurs Destiny
  • Business Inventories Management
  • Entrepreneurship Foundation Program
  • Jati Diri Usahawan
  • Business Action Plan
  • Business Goal Setting
  • Customer Service Mastery 

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